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Kansas law defines “mediation” as “the process by which a neutral mediator appointed by the court, or by a hearing officer, assists the parties in reaching a mutually acceptable agreement as to issues of child custody, residency, visitation, parenting time, division of property or other issues.” Recently, mediation has gained in popularity among litigants, attorneys, and judges. Parties often want more control over the process and the outcome for their own families. Attorneys often want to facilitate communication between parties, who are dealing with more complex issues in family law today. Judges often want parties to be problem-solvers for their own families, in a more amicable environment than traditional litigation allows.

Mediation is required in many jurisdictions, before adversarial trial or litigation of parenting or child custody issues; however, parties increasingly are opting to seek the assistance of a mediator in resolving both parenting issues, and property issues in their divorce. Mediators can be private, or court-appointed. All Kansas mediators must be certified through the Office of Judicial Administration. Click here to learn how the Kansas Legislature has defined mediation. In Johnson County, Kansas, Court Services manages the family court’s mediation process. Click here to learn more about Court Services.